Anemia Management in Ayurveda

Anemia Management In Ayurveda:
Development: when the doshas become aggravated and mostly Pitta excessed, the pitta in the heart is forced into the arteries and veins attached to the heart. It is Vayu that causes Pitta to move and then spread throughout the body. Pitta then vitiates Kapha, skin, blood, and muscles causing them to turn yellowish white, deep yellow or green.
Types: Five kinds of Anemia exist- Vayu, Pitta, Kapha, Tridosha and due to Mud eating.
Signs and Symptoms:
. Heart palpitation
. Swelling of eye sockets
. Yellowish urine
. Pale skin
. Weakness or debility
. Hair loss
. Loss of taste and appetite
. Fever
. Dizziness
. Exertion
Management of Anemia:
We recommend:
. Fruits and nuts like- raisins, almonds, figs, sesame seeds, cane sugar, pomgernate, pumpkin seeds, gooseberry, grapes, apples, red rashberry.
. Mix equal quantities of  beet juices  and carrot juices with some cumin.
.In the morning before breakfast and in the afternoon,  yoghurt consumption is recommended – one bowl with a pinch of  turmeric. It is rich in iron, iodine and various micronutrients.
. Eat salads, spouts, green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, green gram soup, chick peas, soyabean, kidney beans, barley, lentils etc.
. Chyawanprash  is a combination of herbs, which stimulates the erythrocyte production. it should be taken twice a day, one teaspoon in the morning on an empty stomach and one teaspoon in the evening – an hour or two before sleep.
. Triphala as well as saffron with milk can also used before sleep.
. Use Shatavari for anemia – a teaspoon in the morning before eating and a teaspoon in the evening – an hour or two before sleep. It is recommended to be consumed with milk, especially if the anemia is of the Pitta type. If the anemia is of the Vata type, aswaganda with hot milk is prescribed.  And if the anemia is of the Kapha type, some of the best herbs are turmeric, cinnamon, saffron, trikatu with honey.
. Consume 20ml Amla juice, 10ml wheatgrass juice and 20ml Alovera juice in 50ml lukewarm water at empty stomach in morning.
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