Rules of drinking water in Ayurveda:
According to Ayurveda the body is made of five elements….earth,water,fire,air and ether. From these water is the main component of life as two third part of our body is water. Water helps in digestion and elimination of toxins from body through urination and sweating. But one should remember that water act like nector if taken in little quantity with food otherwise excessive water dilutes the digestive juices which lowers the Agni and hamper the digestion resulting in formation of ama which further causes many diseases. So Ayurveda tells you exact method of drinking water…

1. Drink water from a copper or silver vessel as positively charged water balances all body doshas. But never heat copper or silver vessel water.
2.Always drink lukewarm or normal temperature water.
3.Drink water 30 minutes before meals and 2 hours water after meal.
4.The amount of water depends on your thirst and body constitution like kapha people feels less thirst so they drink less water whereas pitta type feels more thirst do drink more wster. But try to Drink at least 7 to 8 glasses of water.
5. Boiled water with spices or herbs like cardamom seeds, fennel seeds and ginger root depending upon vatta, pitta and kapha body type respectively.
6.In obesity lukewarm water is recommended with 1tsp of honey and 1tsp of lemon juice.
7.Never drink water in standing position. Drink water in a Sitting position with a calm mind.
8. Always drink water sip by sip. Don’t gulp large volume of water in a single breath.
9. Drink water when you are thirsty. If your lips get cracked or urine color changes to yellow you should drink water.
10. Drink lukewarm water or copper vessel water first In early morning as it helps in flushing the toxins from the body.

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