It’s a well known fact that to remain healthy one should eat less. There are some rules or principles in Ayurveda related to eating habits to remain healthy like:
1. Eat when you are hungry.
2. Don’t over eat.
3. Keep your stomach 1/4 empty.
4. Eat at particular or fixed times.
5. Eat food with a calm mind.
6. When you are thirsty don’t eat food, first drink water and vice versa.
7. According to Ayurveda eat two times in a day i.e. morning and evening with a gap of 6 to 8 hours.
8. Always eat freshly cooked and seasonal food.
9. Don’t eat food too fast or too slow.
10. Don’t drink water in between meals, if necessary drink 2to3 sips of lukewarm water.

Signs of Healthy Eating:

How do you know that food you are eating is healthy and providing energy to you. Just look for the following signs after having food:
.You feel lightness in the abdomen after eating
You are comfortable with your stomach.
.Your stomach never reminds you that something went wrong, or you have overeaten.
.You don’t experience any fullness or heaviness in the abdomen after eating.
All these rituals help in the prevention of Alzheimer disease, depression, anxiety, obesity, diabetes and other psychological diseases. It is most important to eat with your family members or near and dear ones with happy mood.

Plan your diet according to your Body Constitution.

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