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BREST ENLARGEMENT : The majority of women who look for the information about surgical breast enhancement procedures usually come to look for other ways to increase breast. This is one of reasons why a lot of alternative breast enhancement methods have appeared recently and Ayurvedic  is one of them. If a small size of your breasts is something you are really concerned of and you are not willing to keep it that way then first thing you should do is to calm down.

An old age Ayurveda has the resolution for small breast. In this breast, enlargement is done with the intake of certain herbs; diet and regular excise can be useful rather than painful surgery. This mastogenic effect has long been familiar and used in different civilizations throughout the world dating back to the seraglio girls in the middle east.

Causes Of Small Breast Size

If you have got small breast, then there is nothing erroneous feeling embarrassed and shy all time. Genes play a vital role in the size of the breast. Small or big breast is just the body form and there is nothing wrong with the biological pinpoint of view until you do not have any other inconvenience associated with the size.

Large breasts consist of fat globules and fibrous tissues with no muscular tissues. Pectoral muscle  keeps them firmly held in the middle the rib cage. If your muscles are in decent shape, then you will have excellent cleavage and lift.

There are several factors involved concerning the issue of a woman’s breast size but heredity is the fundamental one as it determines breast fat tissue distribution. Nonetheless there might be some other factors responsible for small breast size including hormonal factor, described as the lack of female hormone (estrogen) or excessive production of male hormone which leads to natural breast growth setback.

Ayurveda has complete answer for the females who happen to  have sagging breasts like those who have been feeding the baby for quiet  sometime and happen to notice the sudden change in body as the bustline turns  unshapely. In certain cases the breast size varies–right is smaller than the  left or vice-versa and this generally happen with mothers who happen the feed  the baby from one side more and delay feeding from the other side and so the  breast that is less fed shrinks and so the abnormality in size comes up. This  is fully curable and the true size is restored

Underdeveloped breasts is a case with many young girls who  are misguided to use unhealthy creams or lotions. But one has to first find  out the real cause for this and the cause happens to be that the female might  be having some leucorrhoea, smelly white discharge per vagina. In certain cases  it is seen if one suffers from sluggish liver function and is often constipated  or has some metabolic disorder this also gives unshapely breast.

How can Ayurveda Medicinal science help Patients with Small Breast Size ?

Ayurveda is an ancient healthcare system of India, which is practiced in India since 5000 B.C.  Ayurveda recommends uses of various herbal remedies of breast enlargement and sagging breasts which are very effective if used regularly for 2-3 months.

A perfect bust size adds more charm in a women’s personality.  When size of breast is less than desirable size is considered as the small boobs. Awkwardly in this era, upright personality and good fleshly appearance are counted as norms of beauty. Moreover there are some misconception that a heavy bust size can lure the men nevertheless there is nothing as such. For getting a perfect size girls go for breast Surgery or silicone and saline breast implants which may put their life in danger.  Female hormones deficiency in body, growth factor deficiency, zinc deficiency, estrogen biosynthetic defects, congenital adrenal hyperplasia, and absence of estrogen receptors in breast tissues etc. are possible causes associated with small breast. Though there are certain herb in Ayurveda which help to grow the breast size in a natural way.