Cancer treatment in Ayurveda is natural. Cancer is regarded as a fatal and complicated disease. It is a disease that grow out of control and affect the surrounding tissue and organs if not treated timely. CANCER TREATMENT IN AYURVEDA:

One fact is that we all make cancer cells every day but our immune system is very sharp as it not only recognize the bad faulty cells but also sends its own army to destroy them. That is why the balance of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health is very important to maintain good immune system of the body. And Ayurveda works on improving the quality of life through rejuvenation and improving the immunity system.


According to Ayurveda unbalanced dosha’s leads to faulty inherent intelligence leading to malfunctioning of genes and genes behavior leading to diseases like cancer. Ayurveda acknowledge that cancer cells are always present in the body but as soon as all doshas in body are in balanced state till than no problem but as these doshas get unbalanced due to any cause cancer originate.


Causes of Cancer:

According to Ayurveda the major cause of cancer is Aama(toxins) formation. Aama is the accumulation of toxins in the form of undigested matter in the circulatory system which eventually gets deposited in tissues and cells which disrupts the communication both within the body and between body and the external environment.

Another causes are genetic predisposition, excessive alcohol absorption, lack of physical activity, carcinogens like tobacco, radiation, smoking etc.

All these above factors mutates the normal cells into cancer cells. Where normal cells follow the path of growth, division and death but cancer cells don’t experience death instead they continue to grow and divide.


Diet And Lifestyle

. Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

. Avoid oily, spicy, fatty, fried and junk food.

. Avoid smoking, tobacco chewing and alcohol.

. Eat easy digestible food.

. Minimum intake of sugar.

. No raw food.

. Do regular exercise.


Treatment In Ayurveda

Cancer treatment in Ayurveda is very in-depth and holistic in approach. In Ayurveda the whole treatment of cancer focused on the entire body system so that the patient returned to harmony as whole and the disease get treated permanently. Ayurveda works on improving the quality of life of the patient through rejuvenation and improving the immunity.

Treatment includes the administration of herbs that not only purify the blood but also restores the immune system of debilitated patients. Moreover herb’s that helps in relaxation of mind are also included so that the patient heals themselves at the deepest level.

To stay healthy try to practice Yogasanas daily.


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