Gomutra (Cow-Urine) for various health conditions
Gomutra (Cow-Urine) is a traditional remedy for various health conditions

Cow-urine is an ancient therapy part of Ayurveda. Cow-urine tries to balance the body elements by re-establishing the equilibrium for a healthy body.

COW URINE BENEFITS: Cow urine is :
* slightly sweet(मधुर)
* Alleviates doshas( दोषघन)
* Bactericidal( क्रिमिनुत)
* Cures leprosy( कुषठनुत)
* If taken in, it Alleviates pruritus(कण्डूं शमन)
* Useful for all doshas and abdominal diseases like ascitis( दोष-उदर हितम)


It’s advisable to take 5ml of cow urine in 20ml of water at empty stomach.


                              The Ayurveda defined the therapeutic effects of certain animal products e.g. honey, milk, vasa, majja, blood, meat, stool, urine, semen, bones, muscles, horn, nails, hair and gorochana amongst these animal products Mutra (Urine) is an important animal product. Mutra, due to its Ruksha, Tikshna, Ushna Guna; Lavanarasa, Kashaya Anurasa is used to treat krumi, shopha, anaha, pandu, visha, shvitra and Arsha.  Gomutra (Cow-Urine) is considered as the best Cow-urine is used to treat skin-disorders (kilasa, kushtha, pama, kandu), G.I. disorders (gulma, aanaha, atisara, krumi, kamala, pandu, mutraroga), shwasa, kasa and visha. These diseases can be treated with oral administration of Cow-urine