Mandukasana or Frog posture is one of the simple Yogasana which can be done by anyone in all age group. It’s an important yoga practice which give appropriate massage to the abdominal organs resulting smooth functioning of related organs like pancreas, intestine, stomach etc.

Sanskrit = Mandu + Asana

English = Forg + Pose


Steps of Mandukasana (Frog Pose): –

• Comfortably sit in Vajrasana (thunderbolt Pose)
• Close the fists of your both hands.
• While clinching the fists press your thumb inside with the fingers.
• While pressing the navel with your both fists exhale and bend forward.
• Hold the breath when you are in the position of bend forward and keep looking straight.
• Stay in this position for some time (hold the position as much as you can), inhale and come back to starting position (Vajrasana).
• Repeat this for three to four times.

Benefits of Mandukasana are listed below:

. Improves the function of digestive and excretory system.
. It control weight and help in making stomach flat.
. It helps to control diabetes by stimulating the pancreas.
. Beneficial in case of constipation and gastric problems.
. Dislocated naval can be corrected by performing the asana daily.
. Increases the flexibility of thigh and legs muscles.
. Regular practicing helps in minimising the impact of menstural cramps.
. Mandukasana should not be done by those who suffering from migraine, hypertension, ankle injuries, knee pain, backache and ulcers.

Contraindication & Cautions:

Modify or check with a doctor if you have any of the following conditions:

  • Knee Injuries
  • Ankle Injuries
  • Lower Back Pain


To stay healthy try to practice Yogasanas daily.


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