Migraine in Ayurveda referred as “Sooryavarat” in which soorya means sun and avarata means blockage.Its Pitta Vatta dominant disease. As sun rises Pitta become dominant and obstruct the flow of Vatta dosha in brain which causes throbbing headache usually associated with one side with symptoms like nausea, vomiting, light senstivity, eyes heaviness etc.The headache gets worsened on sunrise, peaks during noon and reduces after evening.The symptoms may vary from person to person and last for 2 to 3 days. So
Treatment for Migraine is to pacify Piita and Vatta dosha.
Home Remedies to treat Migraine:
1. Pour 3 to 4 drops of badam(almond) oil in your both nostrils.
2. Try to take amla/apple/bael murabba at empty stomach in morning.
3. Drink Ginger tea by adding Jaggery.
4. Apply paste of nutmeg powder on your forehead and do massage.
5. Do oil massage on your head with gentle hands.
6. Apply peppermint oil on your forehead till you get some relief.
7. Avoid sharp light and loud music, try to get relax in a calm and dark room.
8. Do exercise, pranayam, morning or evening walk and yoga daily.
9. Avoid the things which trigger migraine like food, perfumes, stress, anxiety, sunlight etc.



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