Pitta related to internal fire, bike, body heat, digestive enzymes, physio-chemical, biological, metabolic and endocrine systems. It is responsible for digesting the chyle into a protoplasmic substance like sperm and ovum. Pitta primarily resides from the navel to the heart, but also governs sweat, lymph, blood, eyes and skin.
5 Types of Pitta:
PACHAKA: exists in the small intestine, stomach and colon as non-liquid heat, bile or digestive fire. The fire helps in digestion and transformation of food, emulsifying fat and absorption of nutrients from waste.
RANJAKA: is located in the stomach, liver and spleen, and gives color to lymph chyle when it transformed into blood as it passes through liver and spleen.
SADHAKA: is found in the heart. It helps in performing mental functions such as knowledge, intelligence and consciousness by maintaining rhythmic cardiac contractions.
ALOCHAKA: resides in retina of the eyes and governs sight.
BHRAJAKA: resides in skin. It regulates complexion by keeping secretions from the sweat and sebaceous glands of the skin active.

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