Ayurveda main motive is to maintain the health of a healthy individual. To achieve this one should follow different diet and lifestyle according to the variations in seasons. Now Rainy (Varsha Ritu) season is going on, In this season Vata dosha aggrevates and Pitta dosha accumulated which are the major cause of various disorders occuring in this season. During rains due to vitiation of doshas the digestive power gets weakened, so it is advisable to be moderate as regard to diet and regimen during rainy season. Some tips that can be followed during rainy season to remain healthy are…..
. Take light and easy digestible food like barley, wheat and sali rice.
. Consume small piece of ginger with rock salt before meals.
. Take sour and salted soups of vegetables.
. If the days are cooler due to heavy rains take diet that is sour, salty and oily.
. Consuming Haritki with rock salt is beneficial.
. Avoid drinking excessive fluids as it further slow down the metabolism.
. One should drink boiled and cooled water mixed with little honey.
. Avoid sleeping day time, over exertion, over exposure to sun.
. Keep the surrounding clean and dry.
. Don’t let water to be stagnant as it may cause many diseases.
. Uses of perfume and wearing of fragrant garlands is recommended.
. One should wear light and clean apparels.
Follow these simple tips and enjoy the Rainy Season .

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