Shirovasti Benefits

Shirovasti Benefits ONLINE AYURVEDA CONSULTATION INDIA 2An Magical treatment Technique from Ayurveda  for Over Head 

Shirovasti is comprising two terms Shiro means Head and Vasti means pooling of herbal oils or medicated ghee/liquids on the head in a compartment constructed over head for a specific time. Head is the most important organ of the body as all the activities of our living are governed from here so we need to keep our head strong and healthy. And in Ayurveda Shirovasti/Shirobasti is a excellent procedure for head strengthening, curing diseases and preventing many psychosomatic diseases by providing relaxation to the mind and body.

Shirovasti is a specifically indicated in vata rogas(neurological disorders) and udhravjatrugat rogas (head,neck and ENT disorders).

Benefits of Shirovasti:

. Brings mental calmness so helps in recovering from insomnia, stress, depression etc.

. Nourishes hair roots thus preventing hair falling and further makes the hair soft and glossy.

. Relieves pricking pain and burning sensation in head.

. Helps to cure diseases like facial paralysis, hemiplagia,Diabetic neuropathy, Epilepsy etc.

. Rejuvenate the whole body.