Mind – Body Characteristics of Kapha dominant:
.KAPHA (earth) – made up of the elements water and earth
.well-developed bodies
.broad shoulders
.soft, oily and lustrous skin .
.regular appetite with a relatively slow-burning digestion
. deep sleepers
.loves to eat so gains weight easily
. patient, grounded, caring, stable
. support family and loved ones
. appreciate art, dance and music
.slow to learn but never forgets
. hard-working people but also have a tendency to be lazy and are capable of sleeping for longer than others
.strongly dislike the cold and adore warmth
.calm and easy going
Constitution of Kapha personality is water so excess of water elements creates cold, heaviness and dampness in the body. Suffers from problems like water retention (e.g. edema, overweight), sinus, bronchitis etc., feel lethargic, find it difficult to wake-up and can experience food cravings and depression.

Health Tips for Kapha Types
The ‘qualities’ or characteristics of Kapha are cold, moist, heavy, dull, static, smooth, dense, oily and soft, and sweet, sour and salty in taste. Therefore, choosing more of the qualities or characteristics in food and lifestyle choices which have the opposite effect such as hot, dry, clear, light, sharp, active, rough, bitter, pungent and salty helps to maintain balance or bring excess Kapha back into equilibrium.
The best herbs for Kapha people are dry ginger, cloves, pepper, cinnamon, turmeric, saffron, basil etc.
The best fruits and vegetables are lemons, limes, grape fruits, apples, dried fruits, cabbage, broccoli, carrots, green beans, beets etc.
It is good to avoid the “digestive nap” during the day and to look for exciting situations instead.
Deep massages with warm and light herbal oils like mustard oil or dry rough massage are very useful to them.


  1. Simple, nice and informative. Reading all your articles related to body constitution I discovered mine is kapha dominant….and I follow the health tips related to my body type. Thanks for sharing this article.

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