Vajrasana is the simplest asana which can be practiced easily after lunch and dinner. While doing vajrasana both the legs are folded due to which the blood flow reduces in the lower portion of body but blood circulation increases to the mid portion of the body organs like stomach and intestines resulting to the increase efficiency of digestive system. So the disease related to mid body organs and lower limbs are easily cured by practicing Vajrasana daily for 15-20 minutes after meal. Some Vajrasana benefits are listed below:
. Cure digestive problems like constipation, acidity, gas trouble etc.
. Reduces thigh, hips and belly fat.
. Improves varicose vein, sciatica and myalgia problem.
. Strengthen sexual organs.
. Best pose for practicing breathing exercises and meditation.
. Calms mind and relaxes nerves.
. Helps in maintaining the body in shape, toned and flexible.

2 thoughts on “VAJRASANA BENEFITS”

  1. Hi Dr. Vandana
    I wants to thank you, for the treatment you have given me for my chronic constipation problem. Now I am following the diet you told me and doing vajrasana and other yogas regularly.

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