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Proper nutrition diet, adequate sleep and physical activity can all impact overall mental and physical wellness.

Wellness Blog  are one-stop-blog page about Ayurveda,  living healthy life, eating right and dealing with the diseases & stress. Vandanas Ayurcure Welcomes  you in the journey of tips to be fit. This section  informs and empower readers to make healthy lifestyle decisions.

If you have any specific questions about any medical matter, you should consult your doctor or other professional healthcare provider.


HEALTH BENEFITS OF MAKHANA ( FOX NUT): The Health Benefits of MAKHANA are: 1.Snigdha(स्निग्ध): unctuous, oily 2. Vrushya(वृश्य): aphrodisiac, improves
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9 Reasons To Eat Amla Daily
AMLA (Indian Gooseberry) BENEFITS: Amla(Indian Gooseberry) is a potent source of vitamin C, contain iron- calcium and is antioxidant in
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HEALTH BENEFITS OF GILOY/ गुडुची  (Tinospora cordifolia) अमृता सांग्राहिक वातहर दीपनीयशलेषमशोणितविबंधप्रशमनानां (च०सू०२५) Guduchi(Giloy) causes astringent effect, promote digestion and alleviate
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Gomutra (Cow-Urine) is a traditional remedy for various health conditions
Gomutra (Cow-Urine) for various health conditions Gomutra (Cow-Urine) is a traditional remedy for various health conditions Cow-urine is an ancient
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. CANCER TREATMENT IN AYURVEDA Cancer treatment in Ayurveda is natural. Cancer is regarded as a fatal and complicated disease.
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Mandukasana – The Frog Pose – A Yoga Technique
Mandukasana: Mandukasana or Frog posture is one of the simple Yogasana which can be done by anyone in all age
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HYPOTHYROIDISM TREATMENT IN AYURVEDA  Hypothyroidism is a disease that results due to the inadequate production of thyroid hormone from thyroid gland. The
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Shield your children from normal winter ailments
Shield your children from normal winter ailments With the beginning of winter season, the significant worry for the moms of
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BREAST ENLARGEMENT THROUGH AYURVEDA BREST ENLARGEMENT : The majority of women who look for the information about surgical breast enhancement
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Seven Basic Principles of Ayurveda
Seven Basic Principles of Ayurveda Discover the secrets to Lifelong Health, Happiness, and Prosperity.  1. The Unchanging Nature of Ayurvedic
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